Chester, PA: 7 Fun Nuggets of History

This sign and nationally known slogan embodies the rich history of Chester, Pennsylvania.  We are happy to share this post as a Happy New Year’s card to the community!

picture of chester sign

Historic city slogan at 6th & Crosby Sts.

Chester, PA has played a major role in the development of the Northeast and America as an industrial and economic hub in history. And, yes, times have changed. However, what has not changed is the commitment of the community to work towards a revitalization that will improve the standing of the city for future generations. It is worthwhile to remember and reflect on our city’s rich history.

  1. Where did William Penn first step foot in the New World?  CHESTER!  In 1682, Mr. Penn arrived at what is now the foot of  Penn St.
  2. What was the first city in Pennsylvania?  CHESTER!  The first city in the state of PA was not Philadelphia.
  3. Where was the material made used for the uniforms of the Union Army in the Civil War?  CHESTER!  The woven material, Chester Blue, was produced in the mills of Chester.
  4. Where is the oldest public building of continuous use in the United States?  CHESTER!  The old courthouse building in Chester holds this honor.
  5. At one point, over 60% of the entire world’s supply of toilet paper and paper towels was made here…where?  CHESTER!  Scott Paper was the manufacturing king of all that wiped.
  6. Where did Dr. Martin Luther King do his seminary?  CHESTER!  Dr. King attended the Crozer Theological Seminary, now a part of the buildings at Crozer Hospital and he did his internship at Calvary Baptist Church.
  7. Where was the original “county seat” of Delco?….Where “all main roads of the county end”?  CHESTER!
Picture of roadmap of Delco

Historical map of the roads of Delaware County from 1913

At Joe’s Building & Plumbing Supplies, we are proud to still be supporting “what Chester makes”. As a family-owned and operated business since 1948, we are committed to the revitalization of our city. We think all the roads still end and begin here in Delco!

Please take the time to view an excellent documentary, “Looking Back To Move Forward: A Documentary on Chester, PA”, by Mike Michvech and Kirsten Chu. This piece was their senior capstone project at Widener University. Thank you, to them and Widener University, for producing such a vibrant story which promotes the best of our past and points to a bright future.

Happy New Year to all from the family at Joe’s!

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