Paneling: Decorating Walls for Centuries

Did Egyptian pharaohs really use decorative paneling in their tombs? Archeologists have found traces of laminated wood in tombs, proving that the beautiful wall treatment of the 1970’s has a much longer history than most people realize.

All the way back to the 17th and 18th centuries, wood paneling has been used to create ornate wall treatments throughout Europe. At Joe’s Building & Plumbing Supplies, we are proud to offer one of the largest existing inventories of paneling in the area.

picture of paneling sheets

A few of the paneling styles at Joe’s

Often, an existing room where paneling was used incurs damage and customers come to us to match an existing décor. However, what was considered an “old” style of finishing is becoming new again. Working with paneling can provide a rich look, making rooms warm and stylish. Using wall treatments adds function and form to your home as paneling also provides added insulation.

Check out the Houzz website for some great wall paneling ideas. This site has a great collection of design pictures.

The best thing to do is stop into the yard at Joe’s and look through our inventory to get ideas for your decorating project. We have a wall display in our showroom to browse. Prices range from $17.99-$50 per sheet, with the most popular styles averaging$25-$29 a sheet.

picture of paneling display

Paneling wall display in the showroom at Joe’s

There are a variety of styles to choose. Paneling can have the finished look of wood, brick, stone or a wall paper pattern.

picture of paneling wood look

Paneling with a finished wood look

picture of paneling with brick finish

Paneling with a look of finished brick

picture of paneling with a stone look

Wall paneling with a stone look

The Engineered Wood Association, still known as the APA, provides an interesting history to explore on their website. The APA is a non-profit trade association of the U.S. and Canadian engineered wood products industry.

The industry of plywood and laminated wood began in 1905, as the city of Portland, Oregon prepared to host the World’s Fair. Looking for creative ways to build exhibits, a small wooden box company, Portland Manufacturing Company, decided to laminate wood panels from a variety of Pacific Northwest softwoods and voila’, what decorated most basements in the 70’s was born!

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