Pipe Threading Available at Joe’s

Galvanized and black pipe can be cut-to-size and threaded at Joe’s Building & Plumbing supplies with ease. We strive to complete pipe threading on small orders for our customers, while-you-wait. Larger orders are always completed in a timely manner.

Meet Rosie, our Ridgid pipe threading machine. Rosie gets the job done!

picture of pipe threading machine

Ridgid pipe threading machine with pipe ready to go

The primary use for galvanized pipe is to carry water in residential and commercial properties while the black steel pipe is most often used to carry natural gas and propane. If you want to read more about the differences of these two types of pipe and learn a few tips, read Andy Yang’s blog post on LinkedIn Pulse for Sunspeed Steel Holding Group. This post gives a great, brief summary.

picture of pipe inventory

Black and galvanized pipe in various diameters

In addition to galvanized and black pipe, we also carry Pex, CPVC, PVC and Copper pipe to meet your plumbing supply needs. However, we can only thread black or galvanized pipe. The good news is that we have all of the fittings and supplies that our residential or commercial customers may need to properly work with any type of pipe, including plenty of shark bites!

Picture of shark bite fittings

Shark bite plumbing fittings in stock

Commercial plumbers still come in to our store and learn for the first time that we can thread pipe in-house, while they wait. Spread the word! If you are working on a DIY project at home or in your place of business, come see us. Take advantage of the friendly project consultation you will receive from our staff at Joe’s. We pride ourselves in offering solutions.

When you take a close look at Rosie, you can see the years of pipe threading worn into her finish. One thing remains true. Customers can count on the precision of her die!

picture of pipe threading die

Pipe threading die up close

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